Chrissi Island

The total length of the island’s pathways is 10km. With three hours of gentle walking, the visitor can obtain a very good idea of the variety of the island’s landscapes. The ground is relatively flat and has only a few inclines, the tour can be completed with basic sports shoes. During the summer, the sun’s radiation is very intense and the temperatures very high, therefore a hat, suntan oil and water are necessary.

The visitor that doesn’t enjoy walking so much can relax by the blue sea either on the beach next to the jetty or on the northern beach, which only requires a 5 minute walk. Even on this short walk, the sand-dunes and cedar forest are very impressive.

The island is almost flat and so it is not easy to appreciate its variety. To do so, the visitor will have to walk. From the jetty there is a path along the southern beach. After that, turning north, it leads to the eastern side of “Belegrina” bay and from there to the top of “Kefala” hill, where there is the forester’s lookout. The view is impressive! On the east, you can see Mikronisi, lying almost 1 km away, while to the west the whole island lies in front of the visitor. From here one can also see the route that can be followed along the northern coast to the west side of Chrissi.

Reaching “Belegrina” bay the visitor will find that the first part of the beach consists almost exclusively of countless small shells. Next to it can be seen the bivavle fossil layers.

Along the track, sandy and rocky soils alternate. The rocks (ophiolithes, sandstones, irestones) at the edge of the beach have an unbelievable variety of colors. The beach’s width varies from a few up to tens of meters.

Reaching the only house of the island, the visitor can see the salt pens, the old port and ancient ruins. To the west stands Agios Nikolaos’ chaperl which also offers a place to rest.

The surrounding area, that is very dry in the summer, turns into a green carpet in the winter. There are a few old wells around but the water is not suitable for drinking.

The memories of this walk on the exotic island of Chrissi will accompany the visitor for ever. The special images imprinted on the mind are a gift from the Cretan natural heritage.

Advice to visitors:

The preservation of Chrissi, apart from the ethical element, is also imposed by strict national and European legislation.

For the above reasons, it is not allowed to:

  • litter,
  • walk outside the designated paths and beaches,
  • collect rocks, fossils, shells or ancient artifacts,
  • collect animals or plants,
  • free camp,
  • light fires, and
  • smoke within the bushy or forest areas.