V.I.P. First Class

V.I.P. First Class has been built to offer a comfortable and luxurious cruise to the visitors of Chrissi.

Our services include:

Free drinks and beverages for the whole duration of the cruise and seats of the roof of the ship to enjoy the trip like no one else.
Traditional-cuisine meals in a specifically-designed space on the ship. Meals are being prepared on a daily basis with the use of local products.
Cruise around the island and stops at three spots (Vagges, Kataprosopo, Belegrina).
Scuba-diving gear and fishing equipment.


We depart at 11:00 am for a journey into the emerald green waters of Southern Crete. Our destination is Chrissi Island.

We arrive at Chrissi Island within just 20 minutes. Disembarkation takes place at the location “Vouyiou Mati”, where you will have time to walk on the white sand made of millions of shells. We will then return to the arrival spot to continue our cruise.

Our first stop: “Vagges”. Here you can dive into the crystal clear waters and use the scuba-diving gear we provide you for free to explore the untouched and beautiful seabed of Chrissi Island. We can also provide you with fishing equipment at any time, at no cost for you.

We will then head to Kataprosopo beach, the second stop of our cruise. Here you will have the chance to try the famous Cretan cuisine, with meat and other dishes as well as fresh Mediterranean salads. All products are locally grown.

The last stop of our cruise is the most famous beach of the island, Belegrina beach. You can continue your swim in the mesmerising waters while we are preparing your dessert which you will enjoy gazing at the unique landscape and the breathtaking colours of the sunset.

Our cruise closes with our return to the port of Ierapetra, with our minds travelling on the deep blue of the Libyan Sea. Arrival to the port at 17:30.

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